A response to scammers and extortionists

A response to scammers and extortionists

With every passing day ICO market becomes more and more dangerous sphere, where scammers lurk waiting not only for investors, but also for ICO campaign founders.Thus, Descrow project with a mission to make ICO market safer by eliminating scam has itself confronted the organized crime actions.

At the moment Descrow team is at early stages of creating the product. The team is already developing the platform and there is no doubt it will be launched soon. But even now we are facing threats and attacks. This fact proves that Descrow is aiming at the core of the ICO market problem.

At the beginning of December, malicious unknown actors addressed the founders of Descrow project with a request to buy out our project. After receiving a negative response, they started threatening our team to fabricate the data about the founders and spread it through the web, as our project “may harm their business”, so they’ll try to damage the process of Descrow development.

We know for a fact that Descrow s not the first ICO campaign in these several months, who have found themselves standing against such fraud. That is the evidence that this dirty job is performed by an organized group of people, who are monitoring the ICO market.

Descrow, as a solution to fight scam, disturbs the existing state of things in the crypto market, which currently attracts scammers and allow them to put their fraudulent plans into action.

We are open to everyone. Each of us is ready to meet in person and answer your questions with arguments.

Dear members of crypto the community, beware of scam!

We are inviting you to take part in the creation of the effective instrument to fight fraud and scam. Let’s make the ICO market clear, transparent and fair together!

Descrow — the international platform to secure investments.