Decentralised Escrow Platform

«Trust each other again and again. When the trust level gets high enough, people transcend apparent limits, discovering new and awesome abilities of which they were previously unaware»

David Armistead

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Current DES price - 0.00125 ETH

Pre-ICO completed. Completion ICO 27.01.2018

Collected during the Pre-ICO 958.15 ETH
Current DES price - 0.00125 ETH
ICO ongoing
3434.3 ETH
66666 ETH
1044,87 ETH
0,12 BTC
212300 USD
527.21 DASH
901.73 ZCASH

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Descrow key aspects are:

  • Secured collection, storage and distribution of the funds and avoiding of unforeseen losses.

  • The platform splits up the project finance into the stages with temporary blocking of the funds designated for the further stages.

  • Voting as a way of evaluation of the feasibility of the project on every stage. The investor is allowed to finance the project at any moment in full while the amount of tokens he selected is transferred to him.

  • All uninvested funds are indemnified from the startup cancelation. The reserve fund within the Descrow platform is used for partial compensation of investor’s funds contributed during ICO.

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New project
Startup registration on Descrow. Project authorization


Descrow platform
Presentation of the startup's roadmap with project implementation stages


The funds raising process (ICO)
Project stages
Backers vote for the next report scheduled by the Startup


Backers of new project
Backers vote for the next report scheduled by the Startup
Reserved tranche is unblocked


Backers voted "YES". Decision is made by the majority of votes


Backers voted "NO". The decision is accepted by the majority.
Reserved tranche is unblocked
The Startup receives the subsequent tranche


The subsequent tranche


Reserved funds
Backers' funds are unblocked


Startup’s operation proceeds further


Startup financing cancellation












DES – Decentralised Escrow Service (Descrow) is the first in the world and unique by its nature decentralised escrow platform for conducting ICOs.

Our project mission:

  • To make safer ICO for all participants.
  • To eliminate the excessive distrust of the potential investors to the new startups.
  • Give a boost to the further ICO market growth.
  • To integrate our idea as a versatile instrument into all applicable blockchain segments.

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Underlying document of the entire project, which comprises the detailed structure description of the company’s operation, platform specifics, legal aspects of tokens, project economics and profit opportunities for the DES tokens holders.

Onepage White Paper



May – August

Project start.
Demo-model of escrow-smart-contract:
Preparation to Pre-ICO


27 August

Start of Pre-ICO


1 Oct

Preparation to ICO;
Working with Community – gathering of feedback on Descrow improvement; Registration of the company, creation of the corporate structure;
Team expansion


29 Nov

Start of ICO


27 Jan

ICO completion; Blockchain floating


Q1 2018

Development and implementation of Descrow


Q2 2018

Initial launch of Descrow;
Running of first ICOs within Descrow;
Advising and communication with startups;
Building relations with partners and investors


Q3-Q4 2018

Enhancement the platform with extra functions, building blocks and ancillary modules for simplification of projects fundraising process


Q1-Q2 2019

Development of Descrow solution for integration with third party blockchains, that provide the conditions for tokens issue and smart-contracts operation


Descrow provides the separate registration for the backers and for the startups. In the course of our ICO the registration will be active for the backers only.

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  • Start of ICO: 29.11.2017 (12:00 UTC)
  • Finish of ICO: 27.01.2018 (11:59 UTC)
  • Descrow tokens: DES
  • DES compatibility: ERC20 standard
  • Hard cap: 66 666 ETH
  • Initial price: 1 DES = 0,001 ETH (~0,30$)
  • Token total amount: ~ 66 666 666 DES
  • Speсial condition: increase of token price by 25%/a week
  • Initial price for blockchain-floating: 1 DES = 0,00175 ETH (~0,52$)
  • All tokens will be created during the ICO period.
  • The number of tokens is limited to 44,000,000 GVT
  • GVT is based on ERC20 Ethereum token standard.
  • The GVT will be freely traded on crypto-exchanges
  • The subsequent issuance of tokens is technically impossible.
  • Unsold tokens during the ICO are burned.
  • Genesis Vision has its own token - GVT.
  • Total tokens for sale 33,000,000 GVT

Descrow Team

Sergey Besedin

CEO, founder

Master mind. Founder of Descrow and Blockchain Assosiation in Russia.

Ekaterina Tarasova


Former News Editor of 'Bit-News', crypto-journalist and blockchain enthusiast from 2012.

Anton Mitrokhin

CFO, co-founder

Strategic manager. Businessmen with 10+ years' experience in development and promotion of his own brands. Author of methodology of business projects and personnel assessment.

Ilya Basuev

Director of Business Development

Manager of Internet business projects since 2013.

Juliana Olshevskaya

Project Manager

Project Manager with 10+ years' experience in Finance. Finance and Investment project analysis and finance modeling. Organization and preparation of group of companies to pre-IPO.

Tatyana Maximenko


Editor-in-chief of Coinfox media. Co-founder of WhereIsJohnConnor PR Agency.

Alexey Karpov


Founder and developer of

Vladislav Rutskiy


Investment and technologies transfer consultant, SFU scientist-economist, Director of the School of Investments in Modern Technologies "SIMT".
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Descrow Advisors

Bonnie Normile


Member of the Association of Blockchain in Israel, a blockchain enthusiast. Business Development and Public Relations. ICO analyst at ICOBench.

Simon Cocking

Senior Advisor Twitter

Сhief editor of the Irish leading technologies' online magazine 'Irish Tech News'. Top-100 of 'The most influential blockchain people'. Expert in financial technologies and robotics.

Colbert Low

Senior Advisor from Malaysia

Colbert is a Senior Advisor with over 12 years of IT global operations and project management experience. He is the Vice-Secretary for ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia and he owns a blog at

Denis Efremov

Venture Counselor

Venture advisor. Da Vinci Capital Vice-president, ITinvest BoD member, expert in private & venture capital investments and structuring in FinTech & B2B tech.

Vladislav Sapozhnikov

Co-founder of Genesis Block

Russia Ambassador of ICO paltform and decentralized exchange OpenLedger DEX. Coinsbank representative in Russia. Genesis Block rep, 12+ experience in electronic commerce and processing - Predprocessing, QIWI, CyberPlat, Alfa-Bank, Sberbank.

Sergey Skabelkin

FinTech Expert

FinTech Expert. Co-founder of FinTech Cluster in Ukraine. UELBU Vice-President, expert in FinTech and mobile banking, business-architect of mobile wallet and online services.

Maxim Taldykin


IT-Programmer, smart-contract developer

Mofassair Hossain (Shovon)

Representative in Asia

A Chartered management accountant (CIMA). Сrypto investor. CEO and Founder of Perhalic. Expert in Israeli Blockchain Association and ICO Bench. Humaniq Ambassador from Bangladesh.

Anton Akentiyev

Blockchain Developer

Founder and manager of Chain.Cloud. 10+ years' experienced software developer. Author of a blog Custom Blockchain (DLT) technology products.

Anurag Rathore


Computer Science Engineer. Project Manager at CLOUT. Expert at ICO Bench. Cryptocurrency Trader and Enthusiast. Admin at Crypto Warriors.

Sandeep Aurora

Project Advisor from South Asia

Former Marketing Director with 20+ years of Sales & Marketing experience at Intel Corporation, an expert in India & South Asia markets technologies.

David Drake


Founder and Chairman at LDJ Capital. Leader in cryptocurrency.

Benjamin Kraus


Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board to Kraus Industries.
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