Service with a set of reliable tools for safe investing in ICO
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  • Insurance fund with up to 100% compensation
  • Voting
  • Expertise of projects *
  • Arbitrage of disputes

  • Personal escrow accounts
  • Step-by-step investments on the basis of a smart contract
  • Roadmap and KPI

  • Sale of projects' tokens before their release on the exchange **
  • Trust management with income over 500% per annum
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How it works?

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Mechanisms of Descrow

Insurance Fund
Up to 100% protection from scam projects
Safe Holding and Trading
Investments are reserved at personal accounts of investors, extra income from trading
Step-by-step schedule of projects realization
Insurance Fund
Up to 100% protection from scam projects
Safe Holding and Trading
Investments are reserved at personal accounts of investors, extra income from trading
Step-by-step schedule of projects realization
Escrow Smart-Contract
Automatic investments based on projects’ KPI
Expertise and Arbitrage
Advice for investors, acceleration of projects, resolution of disputes.
Proof-of-Vote Payment
Financing depends on investors’ voting
* The expertise is of an informational nature and can not in any way be a legal basis for investing.
** Possibility of reselling tokens of projects at the Descrow platform to late or wholesale investors registered on the platform before the release of projects' tokens for exchange trades.


Utility-token DES is used in the Platform services and in investment process

ICO-Startup is integrated with the Descrowplatform

The Roadmap and KPI parameters of the project are loaded to Descrowplatform:

  • Timing
  • Plan of work with deadlines
  • Tranches needed

The Statupreporton stage → investors’ voting
(> 51% of votes) → next trancheof financing

The lack of the Startup's results of work allows investors to claim their funds back


DES – Decentralised Escrow Service (Descrow) is the first in the world and unique by its nature decentralised escrow platform for conducting ICOs.

Our project mission:

  • To make safer ICO for all participants.
  • To eliminate the excessive distrust of the potential investors to the new startups.
  • Give a boost to the further ICO market growth.
  • To integrate our idea as a versatile instrument into all applicable blockchain segments.

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Underlying document of the entire project, which comprises the detailed structure description of the company’s operation, platform specifics, legal aspects of tokens, project economics and profit opportunities for the DES tokens holders.

Onepage White Paper



May – August

Launch of the Project.
Creating a prototype of an escrow-smart contract
Preparation for Pre-ICO


27 August

Launch and conduction of Pre-ICO


1 Oct

Preparation for ICO.
Working with the community - collecting feedback on improving the characteristics and usability of Descrow. Company registration, development and implementation of legal structure. Expansion of the Platform team


29 Nov

Launch and conduction of ICO.
Development of Descrow platform. Establishing relationships with partners and investors


27 Jan

Finalizing ICO. Start of token sales of exchanges.
Establishing relationships with partners and investors


Q1-Q3 2018

Development of the Descrow platform. Internal testing of the Platform with the help the pool of the first ICOs at platform. Counseling and work with Startups. Establishing relationships with partners and investors


Q4 2018

Official launch of the Platform. Expansion of operations at the Descrow platform. Continuation of ICO operations at the Descrow platform. Consultation and work with Startups. Operations with partners and investors


Q1-Q2 2019

Embedding advanced functionality in the platform, integration with various constructors and assistants for the most simplified and functional conduction of ICOs


Q3-Q4 2019

Development of the Descrow Platform on other blockhains capable for tokens release and smart contracts usage.
Further expansion of the Platform operations


  • Start of ICO: 29.11.2017 (12:00 UTC)
  • Finish of ICO: 27.01.2018 (11:59 UTC)
  • Descrow tokens: DES
  • DES compatibility: ERC20 standard
  • Hard cap: 66 666 ETH
  • Initial price: 1 DES = 0,001 ETH (~0,30$)
  • Token total amount: ~ 66 666 666 DES
  • Initial price for blockchain-floating: 1 DES = 0,00175 ETH (~0,52$)
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Descrow Partners

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Descrow Team

Vladislav Rutskiy


Investment and technologies transfer consultant, SFU scientist-economist, Director and co-founder of the School of Investments in modern technologies "SIMT".

Sergey Besedin

CEO, founder

Master mind. Founder of Descrow and Blockchain Assosiation in Russia.

Anton Mitrokhin

CFO, co-founder

Strategic manager. Businessmen with 10+ years' experience in development and promotion of his own brands. Author of methodology of business projects and personnel assessment.

Igor Boklazhuk

Project manager

Co-founder of the School of Investments in Modern Technologies "SIMT". Founder of marketing agency, serial entrepreneur, experience in advertising and marketing for more than 8 years.

Farit Kadyrov


Developer with 20 years of versatile experience, including development of highly loaded systems and blockchain systems (since 2016).
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