First Decentralized Escrow Payment System managed by the Community

Total Escrow Amount Processed
by Contract

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Total Escrows


Completed Escrows


No middle man

There is no one between you and your money.

100% Decentralized

Fully decentralized and operated by smart contracts.

Community managed

Whenever a dispute arise, the community review and decide the outcome.

Low fees

The best service for the lowest fees.

Community-driven dispute

Buyer and seller dispute

Buyer and sellers can create a dispute and the community will review the case and vote on the outcome

End of dispute

If the dispute cannot be resolved after the expiration time, the funds are released.

The benefits of using a Decentralized escrow

Peace of mind

You have the control. We just help you get there.

Fund safety

Have peace of mind with on chain and off chain insurance.

Quick action

Quick transfers