Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi

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Everyday Occasions

Robert Mondavi believed that great wine was not just for special occasions. Share a bottle of Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Sparkling wine and celebrate the joy of of every day. Your boss was transferred to Beijing. You almost hit a hole in one. It’s hump day. What better reason to celebrate?


A bottle of bubbly adds a festive touch to any party, so pop open a bottle of Woodbridge Sparkling to elevate and celebrate.

Mother’s Day

  • Take a traditional Mother’s Day brunch to the next level with a bottle of bubbly.
  • Woodbridge Sparkling is an ideal match for brunch items like smoked salmon, frittatas, or stuffed French toast.
  • Try a twist on a Mimosa by mixing Woodbridge Sparkling with a tropical nectar like guava or papaya.

Graduation Parties

  • Raise a glass to the future of your college grad.
  • One 750ml bottle of sparkling wine holds 5 to 6 full servings or 8 partial glasses for a toast.

Memorial Day / 4th of July

  • Celebrate the start of summer or show your patriotism by passing around a tray of red, white and blue bubbly.
  • Tint Woodbridge Sparkling with a drop of food dye to create festive Memorial Day or 4th of July refreshments.


  • Brides and grooms can create their own signature cocktail by mixing Woodbridge Sparkling with a fruity liqueur or fruit puree and garnishing it with fresh berries.
  • Of course a wedding toast just isn’t complete without a glass of Sparkling and warm wishes for a happy future.


  • Select an appropriate toast for your audience and the occasion: eloquent, whimsical, witty, etc.
  • Speak from the heart. Be sincere. Stay true to yourself and the subject.
  • Simple is often best. Keep your speech short and to the point. Don’t use big words. Now is not the time to flex your impressive vocabulary.
  • Spontaneity is great, but it often takes practice to sound spontaneous. Prepare yourself by memorizing a few short toasts for when the opportunity presents itself.
  • Signify the end of your toast with a request to the audience to, “Raise your glass” or “Cheers!”